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You get 1000 Organic Moringa capsules packaged in a simple sealed aluminum Foil resealable Ziplock Bag.

To give you an idea, just a single serving of the Moringa tree contains:

  • 4 times the amount of calcium in the same amount of milk
  • more vitamin C than 7 oranges, double the protein of a banana
  • and 3 times the amount of potassium in a banana

Its high antioxidant levels freeze free radicals in their tracks and cut the risk of cancer while also slowing down the aging process and promoting longevity.

It lowers cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure thanks to the high niacin levels and contains large levels of vitamins B3 and B10.

A serving of 100g of this tree gives:

  • over 8g protein
  • over 400mg potassium
  • nearly 450mg calcium
  • as well as 164mg vitamin C
  • and 738 ¼g of vitamin A.
  • Vitamins: it also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, A, C, K, E, and D.

    Amino Acids: On top of that it contains various other nutrients, including the following essential amino acids:

    • Threonine which is a nutrient that helps metabolism and prevent fatty build up in the liver. It also aids digestion.
    • Isoleucine is good for a healthy brain and helps to give the body natural energy.
    • Leucine works hand in hand with isoleucine to increase energy levels.
    • Phenylalanine aid communication between the brain’s nerve cells and also helps to reduce hunger pangs and it also increases alertness and improve memory.
    • Tryptophan supports your immune system, and its mood boosting ability helps to beat depression and anxiety-associated insomnia. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and lowers bad cholesterol levels.
    • Lysine aids the absorption of calcium into the bones, supports antibodies and regulates various hormones as well as inhibiting the growth of virus cells.
    • Methionine provides the body with sulphur as well as helping to lower cholesterol.  It also supports the liver, kidneys, and helps you to stay younger for longer by keeping skin, hair and nails healthy.
    • Valine helps to keep the mind calm.


    There are other amino acids in Moringa too which are not essential to the body but are still good for supporting health.

    These include histidine, alanine, glutamic acid, arginine, cysteine, proline, aspartic acid, glycine, serine, and tyrosine.

    Moringa seeds contain oils that hold high levels of oleic acid, which is great for holistic health.

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